Utah Tech University


Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation


The CARE Team is committed to campus safety through proactive, collaborative and objective approaches to the holistic management of situations that pose, or may reasonably pose, a threat to the safety and well-being of the individual and campus community.

Purpose and Intent

The CARE Team serves in assessing situations where individuals are displaying distressing, disturbing, disruptive, and dangerous behaviors or that potentially impede their own or others’ health and safety. For the safety and security of the campus community, risks will be evaluated and addressed using the adopted version of the NaBITA threat intervention tool.

When alerted to a concern, the CARE Team will:

  • Gather, analyze, and assess information
  • Support the concerned student(s) and assess the needs of those impacted
  • Determine and implement plans for the individual of concern, including both immediate and ongoing strategies
  • Provide and make referrals for consultation, support, and assistance
  • Assign level of risk to the individual and/or others involved
  • Review interventions and implementation strategies throughout the process


Matt Devore (Chair)

Director of Student Outreach

Email: matt.devore@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-879-4652

Office: Browning #113

Ali Threet

AVP/Dean of Students

Email: ali.threet@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-652-7514

Office: Gardener #202